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Service Offerings

Our Knowledge, Our Experience, Your Success

Whilst large Professional Services organisations see the shift towards a savvier business (in which upfront research is the norm) world as a threat to their traditional full-service advisory business units, we’ve embraced this shift by offering targeted, smaller (and thus) less expensive products.

We challenge ourselves to focus on providing trustworthy technical advice versus volumes of documents. This move to provide accessible and affordable options is evidenced in services such as Consulting over a Coffee; a service that provides one of our Business Technology Consultants to meet and chat through all manner of technical discussions within a casual, open setting.

We judge success based on the number, not on the size of an engagement. We want to be the Business Technology Advisers that Customers return to and trust as they make ongoing technology decisions; therefore, we are keen to get started with new Customers via whatever service we can provide to meet your needs now.

Consulting over a Coffee

A fresh and accessible approach to consulting

Consulting over a Coffee provides one of our Business Technology Consultants to meet and chat through all manner of technical discussions within a casual, open setting.

Technology Concepts

Let us help build your confidence to drive technology decisions

The Technology Concepts services have been designed to introduce the core concepts that matter in order to assess how a particular topic may (or may not) be of value in your business strategy planning.

Advisory Services

Our Knowledge, Our Experience, Your Success

Engage the best brains in the business to help guide you towards the most appropriate business technology for your business. 

Already researched yourself? Great, we applaud it and can just provide "the final mile"in validating and giving your confidence to move forward.

Resourcing Services

Access the best in the business via PAYG options

Two in the Hand that provides short-term/interim technical project management and IT management services. These services are designed to suit organisations that do not require full-time technical, project and managerial skillsets due to size, structure or desire.

Our consulting services can be provided to fill specific (as needed) skill gaps or on an ongoing part-time capacity.

Business Analysis

Understanding your business requirements is the most critical piece in getting the right result

Whether you're implementing new infrastructure or building a solution to run your business, an understanding and target of what you need to build need to be the first step in understanding what you actually need and the last step in reviewing to make sure that what was delivered actually met the objectives.

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