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Two In The Hand Consulting is heading North (Far North)

The ink is not yet dry, but Two In The Hand Consulting has found and is looking to occupy premises in Cairns QLD from February 2018.

The decision to expand North was made seeing an opportunity to provide a service that is severely lacking in the area.

The Far North of Queensland often goes unrecognised in its contribution to not just the rest of Australia but the world in terms of providing raw and processed food as well as the spoils of a massive mining sector.

Whilst like the reset of the country it sponsors its fair share of large companies, in the spirit in which it was settled, much of the economy is driven by Small to Medium business. Like the large corporate entities, these small companies rely on technology to keep their services competitive and on par with larger competitors.

With an ever-increasing and reliable connectivity to internet services, companies once isolated in terms of technology services can now access and harness the power of tools such as online business analysis to use the data from production processes; potentially spurring production or assisting in general business growth.

Over the coming months, Two In The Hand will be starting to ramp up business by running a number of short seminars based on the already-in-place personal one-on-one consulting services.

This approach is being taken to not only provide a premium consulting offer at a reduced price, but also in an attempt to bring like-minded business people from the region together to see what we can work through as a collective.

Here's to a great 2018 !!!

Two In the Hand Consulting

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