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A message from our Founder

"So if I said to you right now that I could give you a job and you could pick whatever you wanted to do….what would your regular work day look like ?"

Somewhere in the mid 2000's I started to ask this question of every person I interviewed for a role. Through the drudgery of redundant responses, technical blah-blah-blah and references to success stories; I found success in employing a person that would come to work and really enjoy what they did.

Back to my interview question, most interviewees stumbled on this point or took the obvious path of saying something along the lines of "exactly what this job description contains". What I was looking for was not just a truthful response, but that spark that people (all I believe) get in their eyes when they are talking about what they enjoy.

Whilst my career has been working in front development teams, managing projects in consulting firms and strategic planning - regardless of the actual engagement I am happiest when I am helping people see their vision come to fruition.

I believe that in the inevitable way in which people seek out like-minded people, my desire to deliver - has seen me paired with some real visionary people. The journey may not always smooth but when the right people are paired - the synergy created always makes for a fulfilling engagement and through carefully seeking out good people and companies I have pretty much through my career, loved my job.

Working in consulting for much of the last decade has provided me with the opportunity to be a part of an ongoing cycle of emerging skill education and immediate execution; following the development and improvement of technology offerings.

I've seen success, I've seen mistakes (and made a few) and I've witnessed failure. For those that know me, talking openly about the experiences "good and bad" is something I do with basically anyone who will listen. I find that talking through experience is not only an effective way to impart knowledge but a wonderful way to continually grow and [perhaps] rationalise the past experiences. As an added bonus learning to identify & steer people away from potential failures is a very  empowering feeling.

From my willingness to discuss my experiences, I found myself increasingly being called into issue resolution, problem solving and strategic planning discussions where recalling these experience in context of the discussion at-hand would help to guide the outcome. I found myself loving it!

Thus I was finally able to answer my own interview question. It went something like "I'd love to spend my day working with people through their specific needs around technology planning, solutioning and problem solving" and from epiphany and goal in mind, Two in The Hand Consulting was born.

Two in the hand consulting was established in 2017 having taken some time off work for family reasons, and whilst Two in the Hand was only initially,

 a part, of how I "paid the bills", it was and is my desire to continue to grow this business slowly but surely over the coming years.

Whilst primarily Sydney based, I have worked for organisations across several states and in 2018, I've started up the Cairns office. I see FNQ and other rural and regional centres as providing some real opportunity for Australian business.  As internet connectivity not only allows businesses to operate on a level playing field to the Capital Cities but also provides choice for people to be able to work where they want to live.

I plan on building the Cairns business through presenting a set of seminars and workshops each month on specific topics designed to help businesses to understand the many & various technology options available to them, in-turn creating informed, confident, strategic technology choices.

Two In The Hand Consulting represents the core of who I am professionally, so I am committed to getting it right. As I have been from inception, I am looking for like-minded people to come and join me - to be the next "About" page on this web site so reach out if somewhere through this small story that you too feel that "working people through their specific needs around technology planning, solutioning and problem solving" may just be your perfect job also.

Matt Verity, March 2018

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